Original Art Deco Necklace by Art Deco Necklace in Chrome with Red and Black Galalith


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This an eye-catching piece of 1930s Art Deco: an original Necklace by Jakob Bengel in Chrome with Red and Black Galalith


The Jakob Bengel factory in Idar-Oberstein, Germany was abandoned in the Second World War and rediscovered in 2001. It is now a museum. Galalith was a patented alternative to Bakelite. Production of jewellery is said to have ceased in 1938 when all supplies of Galalith were required for use in the cockpits of Luftwaffe planes on account of its fire-retardant quality There are two books published on these Modernist, Bauhaus-inspired, designs.

H 1.5cm; W 8cm; D 16cm