Coming Soon – Art Nouveau

We are expecting soon a number of pieces of Art Nouveau Sculpture which we intend to feature in a dedicated display. These will include bronze, art metal (spelter), terracotta and plaster items by Continental names including Goldschieder.

Art Nouveau (1895 – 1910) was a very distinct style of organic, curvilinear, feminine and individual design with it’s roots in the British Arts and Crafts movement, particularly embraced in France, Belgium and Austria, also including eastern Europe and the Baltic states. Names who excelled in this style were; Lalique, Horta, Hoffman, Mackintosh, Majorelle, Galle, Mucha and Gaudi. Many other extraordinary artists flourished in this historically short design period encompassing architecture, furniture, sculpture, decorative items and jewellery. It’s unique flowing, asymmetric nature and the consequent difficulty in producing large numbers of pieces brought the period to a close and would have developed to Art Deco much sooner had the First World War not intervened. We’ll keep you informed as to dates and pieces in the next few weeks, John and Chrissie.